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Our Mission

To foster the growth of sustainable development within underrepresented communities by hosting year-round art events and social activities that educate and preserve cultural heritage.

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Our Story

Context of a Generation was created by two sisters, Symone and Quiana Major who are both multidisciplinary artists from Miami’s little town called Goulds. Their desire for better opportunities and resources inspired them to create an organization that focused on designing and providing programs for African American artists who lived in similar communities as them. The mission that the Major sisters outlined is rooted in creating a safe and sustainable environment through art, culture, tradition, history, and education. 

Having a safe creative space for expression is a necessity for all and yet those opportunities lack in African American communities. It is in these communities that culture, creativity, and heritage are born in the most authentic light. Context of a Generation feeds this light and stewards the ideas and concepts that overlooked artists define. Through this stewardship, art from African Americans and other underserved communities are not only sustained but also preserved as history. With programming that ranges from digital platforms to year-round in person platforms; Context of a Generation educates art enthusiasts and those who are intrigued, thus further preserving cultural heritage through art. 

The Major sisters walked in the shadows of living in an underserved community, but their inner light has given voice to many and through Context of a Generation they have created a positive impact in the art and entertainment industry and has defined the true criteria of a Southern Cultural Treasure. 

Meet The Team

Our Programs


At Context of a Generation we have created a digital archive of local music artists through a free digital based platform that we developed called COAG TV. COAG TV presents two free programs every week, these programs are called Mango Sessions and The Indie Seat. Mango Sessions is a music based concert series that presents 55 selected artists to perform two of their original music pieces as a means to grow a larger audience. The Indie Seat, an interview based series that gives 55 local music artists an opportunity to discuss their creative process, their reason for creating work, issues in their communities, and their future goals in the arts and entertainment industry. These programs are archived immediately after they have been premiered and can be seen year-round online through YouTube or 

We also pay our participating artists through a program that we are proud to present at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach called COAG Artist In Residence Program “Mango Sessions Live”. Through this program, we provide a paid stipend to local music artists to perform Friday and Saturday nights in front of a live audience in The Ritz-Carlton’s Lapidus Bar. This residency allows artists to create and present in unlikely creative spaces to bridge the gap of who consumes authentic art and music of cultural expression . 

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